Massage Services

I have been getting bi-weekly massages from Maria for the last few months. She does amazing bodywork! My back is often knotted up and I can feel her patiently roll out each individual kink without causing me pain or discomfort from the pressure. Her studio is lovely and creates a peaceful, calm environment (so much so that I often fall asleep during the massage!). Maria is sensitive to my unique needs, checking in with my at the beginning of the each session and providing props and bolsters that benefit the type of massage and provide maximum comfort for me. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in therapeutic massage. – K.F.

Maria is a very skilled, intuitive, and compassionate prenatal massage therapist.  I highly recommend her for both prenatal and therapeutic massage.  – N.M.

Maria’s massage is the best massage I have ever had, hands down. Her beautiful studio is very zen, she has the ability to relax every inch of my body (and mind), and her hands are heaven. And if you are pregnant I highly recommend her prenatal massage to cope with daily physical challenges and discomforts due to your growing body. I am a birth doula and a childbirth educator so I work with pregnant women. I recommend Maria’s prenatal massage to all of my clients and they love it. I think her prenatal massage is extra special not just because of her wonderful massage skills, but also because of her similar approach to pregnancy and birth as she treats both as miraculous and sacred. You can’t be in better hands than Maria’s. – Veronika Bamfiled, Bamboola Baby




One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I went to Maria for prenatal massage almost monthly during my second pregnancy. During my previous pregnancy I had tried several different places for prenatal massage that were okay. However, when I discovered Maria’s talents, I knew I never needed to go anywhere else. She makes sure you are 100 % comfortable and really listens to you when describing your aches, pains, and concerns. She did this amazing massage on my sides, belly and lower back which I never experienced before and made me leave her studio feeling like I had my pre-pregnancy posture back. Now if I could only find time to get more therapeutic massages, now that I am no longer pregnant! I recommend anyone in need of a massage to try Maria. –Busy Mom, K.H.

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